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Hello there! I'm Brittany, the voice of Pretty Bitty Bugs. I'm am the wife of a Mario Lopez lookalike, momma to three beautiful little munsters, and just a gal who enjoys beauty wherever I can find it.

I can't bring myself to take this one down even though it's a couple of years old. Just think of this page as like a family photo album through the years ;)

This is my little family. The picture itself is two years old, but since we haven't added to our family since then I'm calling it good. All the major players are accounted for. You've got my husband, Landon (whom I lovingly refer to as Mr. Bug here on the blog). Miss Eden is my oldest girl, with Adaleine (Sissy) only 17 months younger. Judah (or The Boy, or Judah Bear, or Buddy) came along a couple of years later. And don't worry, we're taking new family photos soon! we took new photos! : )

Sanchez Family 2014
 I write here at Pretty Bitty Bugs because I know that life can get lonely sometimes, and it's such a relief to read about someone going through the same things I struggle with. My hope is that whatever I write about--whether it's my kids, my marriage, my faith or my home--will connect to someone out there to ring true in their life. As the great Mumford & Sons says, "You are not alone in this." I believe that whole-heartedly and want to encourage and accompany as much as possible out here in the blogosphere.

That being said, you will find I have a bit of an attention disorder when it comes to the topics of my posts! I love to write about life going on all around me, so I share my decorating efforts, my marriage, my munsters' birthday parties, humorous confessions and soul-baring honesty. I try to be pretty real here and I think I succeed in that more on this little blog than I do in real life sometimes!

I would love to hear from you! I would probably gladly set aside my Mountain Dew to respond!


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