Monday, October 25, 2010

Merry Weekend!

My girls crack me up. We had a pretty crazy weekend around here, but lots of fun. Saturday was a special day; we went to Nana and Papa's to watch the Husker game and help celebrate Nana's birthday. We won't mention which birthday, because I'm fairly certain she wouldn't appreciate it. : )

The girls were all dressed up for Husker day, clutching the special birthday cards that they made just for Nana. I love having them in their little cheerleader outfits! They look so cute!

I didn't take pictures of the rest of the day on Saturday, but I'm hoping to get some of the ones that Nana took of the girls playing outside in the leaves. The colors of fall are so perfect for pictures.

Yesterday the girls (who normally act as my alarm clock) decided to sleep in and we were late for church. I wish I had gotten a picture of what a mess we were yesterday morning. I sometimes can't believe that we leave the house looking the way we do! We had a nice lunch with some great friends, during which Sissy decided to display her strong will yet again. It is so hard not to laugh when your little one is showing attitude.

Yesterday evening we had a friend take family pictures for us and I really think some of them are going to look awesome. I'm so excited!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just Thinking...

I'm not sure what all I might have to say on a blog except the fun things that might happen to me every day and the silly things my girls say. I think I'll just start out and tell you a little bit about my life.

I live in the glorious Midwest, in Central Nebraska. Right now the leaves are changing and putting on their beautiful show. I know that New England is the place to be in the fall, but I think that the trees are beautiful here against the golden cornfields and blue sky.

I have been married to my wonderful husband for five years, and we have certainly made an adventure of it! He is a wonderful man and we have so much fun together (when I remember to loosen up and enjoy it!) We have two beautiful girls, Eden and Adaleine. Eden is three years old and Adaleine (or Sissy, as I often call her) will be two next month. Our family is expecting yet another blessing in the spring, and the girls are very excited to find out if Peanut is going to be a little brother or little sister. Eden is pulling for another girl, but Daddy's really hoping for that boy! : )

I am currently going out of my mind with too many things that I'm trying to do, but I think this will be just for me, so it won't overwhelm me. We'll keep our fingers crossed. : )