Monday, October 7, 2013

Moving Right Along: Quotes that Move Me

I’m close to my deadline for the day, so this is one of my freebies/super easy posts to write : ) I present to you: moving quotes! Not quotes about moving—quotes that move me. You can find all of these on my ‘Words’ Pinterest board here. Have a great day!
The Winnie the Pooh and Piglet friendship is beautiful. They are so understanding and they're always there for one another. I know they're not real, by the way.
I feel this way about my kids sometimes. When you just want to squish their soft little bodies in a snuggle.
I love these words. In a culture where people get divorced after six months of marriage and 'fall out of love' left and right, this is Truth to me. I'll tell you right now, there are times when I don't feel like being in love but I make a choice to honor my vows. *stepping down from soapbox*
Sometimes all you can ask for is someone to stand next to you, hold your hand, and say "Yep. This sucks." But when they keep ahold of your hand, things are just a little bit more manageable.
This song. We sing this song at church and every.single.time. it brings tears to my eyes. The idea that God would love this imperfect creature enough to take the time to see something He loves and can use. Very humbling. Here is the song. Please go and listen to it.
Oh, Mr. Darcy. I love Jane Austen. Darcy and Colonel Brandon are two of my very favorite characters ever. And I have to admit, I like Elinor from Sense & Sensibility better than Elizabeth from Pride & Prejudice. Blasphemy, I know : )
Truth. Flowers are happy and that's all they can be. Even if you get them for a sad reason, the flowers are a thing of beauty that reminds me that God loves me and loves making beautiful things. Go listen to the song again. Seriously.
This is a depressing-ish quote, but it rings true for me. I get bummed out during the winter, but just reading this makes me feel better. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in that.
Continuing on with my Audrey love affair. Sabrina was a magical movie to me when I was younger. Not only was she gorgeous, but it told me that love isn't necessarily what you always think it should be. Sometimes it's better.
This is really good for me to remember when I'm thinking about how much I hate the blinds in the kitchen or how I wish I had a headboard. Reality needs to take hold of me at times like that.
There are monsters in this world. Not with horns and googly eyes and fire coming out of their mouths, but real monsters. But they're not unbeatable. Something I want my munsters to learn. 
I pinned this shortly after moving to Lincoln because it really rang true to me at that time.
I love that not all the responsibility is on the wife, nor is it on the husband. I do my part, he does his. It's a partnership and I love that. I don't always live up to my end, but we try.
I heart Mumford & Sons. "Sigh No More" is one of my favorite songs of theirs, partly because it borrows so much from Shakespeare's play Much Ado About Nothing. I first watched this movie with one of my best friends in the world when we were still in middle school and I love it to this day.
This is cheesy but still true. Mr. Bug and I have been together for over 11 years, married for more than eight, but I still find myself looking for him no matter where we are.
Can I tattoo this on my daughters' foreheads? That way it will help them and other girls remember! Too far? : )


  1. I LOVE you. You're classy and poignant. Since we're related, I can only hope I can claim some of those traits.

    1. I'm not sure how often I'm described as 'classy,' but I'll try to get the classy from you and you can get the verbose from me :) Don't you sometimes wish we could go back a couple decades and just go play grocery store in the basement again?