Thursday, June 25, 2015

Oreos & Self-Control (And Why I Need Mind Police)

I have an issue with self-control. It’s not that I don’t have any. I totally do. There are a lot of things I want to say and don’t. There are a lot of things I want to buy and don’t. I wish I could sleep all the time, but I don’t. And even though a 30-minute shower sounds heavenly, I’m very much aware of the fact that my kids usually give me about a 7-minute window. When it comes to food, though…all bets are off.

Here’s the thing: it’s not that I cannot keep myself from eating what I want to eat. That’s not the problem. The problem is wanting not to eat those things.

Take Oreos, for example. (Praise the Lawd for Oreos! Glory, hallelujah!) It’s completely within my power to only eat the recommended serving size of three Oreos—which is ridiculous, by the way—and then just walk away. That is physically possible for me. I hate when people say something like ‘I just can’t stop eating them!’ Yes you can. Just stop. So that’s not my issue.

I will stand there and look at those Oreos {angel chorus} and think Man, I really want more. But I shouldn’t. It’s almost like I can’t stop. But I can stop. I could if I wanted to. But I don’t want to. I can have another Oreo if I want! 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you gain 30 pounds. You talk yourself into it and all of a sudden it feels like you’re standing up for yourself against judgmental cookie police (I don’t know, guys!) and you can be strong in the face of adversity or some crap like that. When what really needed to happen was for you to end the inner conversation at just knowing you shouldn’t eat those dang Oreos.

I’m pretty sure there’s something addictive in the filling. I mean sugar, sure. But I would find it a lot easier to justify my Oreo bingeing if someone could prove that there’s some sort of take-over-your-mind, act-against-your-will substance in it. So, yeah. Someone get on that why don’t ya?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Romance of Shanghai Noon

Alright, so we all know that Shanghai Noon is not a romantic movie. But in this case, it’s the start of something romantic. Which is basically the same thing.

About 13 years ago in February 2002, I hung out with this super-hot guy named Landon for the first time. We had just attended an indoor football tournament at our church and my sister and her husband had invited a bunch of people over to their apartment for pizza and a movie. So there’s this guy there. And he looks like AC Slater, but way better because there wasn’t a mullet in sight. 

I had a cough hanging on from a cold (story of my life) and kept cough/laughing at all the funny parts. This dude, being the awesome catch that he was, asked me if he could get me anything. I knew all the funny lines to the movie because I had seen it once before and I have a freakish memory for movie lines. And since I am also that annoying person who quotes the funny lines before they happen, he was amazed at my awesomeness. Obviously. 

By the end of the night, he was totally on my radar as ‘that super cute and super nice guy from Shanghai Noon.’ The romance is almost overwhelming, huh? ;)

We went on to many more romantic outings together before we started officially dating three months later. Third Day concert with our college group from church, midnight showings of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings with friends (yes, we are that cool), and countless games of pitch in his dorm with all his friends in Martin Hall. 

We got to know each other over movies and cards, laughter and goofiness, and time spent surrounded by our friends. I can’t think of a better way to fall in love. 

This was after we'd been married a few years, but look how young we looked!
On our second date, he lit candles all around his apartment and we danced to Frank Sinatra. I got my wisdom teeth pulled and he brought me a Frosty and a Disney Princess spoon. Every Monday night after our church college group we would go back to my apartment and bake cinnamon rolls and watch a movie with my roommate. Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Mission: Impossible. We had fun together!

It hasn’t been all hearts and glamour and kisses and smiles, but I love our story. This isn’t even the half of it and I hope to write more down, but I think it’s a good place to start.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


We’ve had kind of an interesting couple of weeks around the Bug household. I hesitate to say ‘difficult’ because it comes nowhere close to what some people deal with, but for me—yeah, it’s been rough.

Oh, no! The poor thing is sick! (This was the first day so I still had some sympathy)

We’ve been fighting off one bug or another between all three kids for almost two weeks now, and let me tell you I’ve had it. I’m exhausted and I’m worn out (which are totally different) and I’m at the point where the sound of my children’s laughter is grating on my nerves. I want them to and leave me alone or so help me I’m going to lose my mind.

Oh, shoot. Now this one, too! Oh well, let's play some games and make the most of it. (Again, I still had a bit of sympathy left at this point)

Yay! This one's feeling better! Let's braid her hair and throw a party because she can go back to school tomorrow!!

 I guess making silly faces can be fun. Let's do that. Whatever.

You know what you get when you combine sick kids home from school + snow days + 26 weeks pregnant + husband being gone 70% of the time + sick momma + general life conundrums? I’ll tell you what you get. You get a mom who is counting the seconds until her kids go to sleep and won’t even let them brush their teeth before heading to bed because oh my gosh just go right now.

Not my proudest mom-ing, but I think it would be safe to say that I’m not the only mom who has felt like this. 

For the love. Everyone feels fine and we get six freaking inches of snow so there's no school. Plus now I feel like crap. Dang kids and their dang nasty germs. TV all day!

Let me be clear: my kids really are great. Well, my seven-year-old is experimenting with the attitude of a teenager from time to time so she sort of sucks sometimes but other than that? Great. But there are three of them and one of me and I’m growing another one! And between Judah’s constant requests for food, Adaleine’s sore throat/fever/cough (God bless this poor girl!), and Eden’s occasional insights into how ridiculous and/or dumb everything is I am just…done.

Son of a...her fever's back. Yeah, she's cute laying there feeling the baby move. But wouldn't she be cuter if she were AT SCHOOL????!!!!

The final straw.You couldn't just hold out, kid?! Just HAD to get sick, didn't ya? Oh, I see you've sneezed snot all over your shirt again. Let me take care of that for you.

So this is me declaring that until the girls go back to school on Monday, I officially don’t care. Wanna watch TV? You bet! Wanna watch another movie? Go for it. You want fast food for dinner? Let’s get on that. You don’t want to brush your teeth? They’re your baby teeth anyway so who really cares!
If you see me or my kids on Monday and we look a little worse for wear, just look away and walk on by. Unless you happen to have chocolate. Then you’d better just hand it over. Momma needs it.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pink or Blue?

It’s announcement time! If we’re real-life Facebook friends you probably know already, but I had an ultrasound this week to find out if the newest Sanchez will be pink or blue and…PINK!

I’ve already bought things she won’t possibly be able to wear for at least a year, but I cannot be held responsible when the clothes are this cute! 

All three kiddos are so excited, and Judah can’t wait to have another one of his girls to take care of. And he takes the task of taking care of 'all of his girls' very seriously while Mr. Bug is away! We had all the kiddos in the room for the ultrasound (which was so cool), and he kept patting my leg and even asked me, "Are you okay, Mommy?" He's pretty much the best. :)

Eden and Adaleine wore pink to school on Friday and took along their very own ultrasound photo to show all their friends and teachers. This pregnancy is exciting because we are all sharing in the joy and anticipation of waiting for this little one!

Here's our little family right before we went in to the doctor!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Sanchez Family Recap Because I'm a Slacker

Alrighty then. I’m a bad blogger/procrastinator/over-committer and I haven’t written for months. Which seriously makes me hurt inside. I’ve got stuff to say, people! I’ve got thoughts and feelings and random musings! But it felt wrong to sit down and write a ‘musings’ post when I haven’t written a ‘here’s what’s going on in our lives’ post in so long. So, without further ado…

Here’s what’s going on in our lives! A recap of the last couple of months. With pictures. You’re so so welcome.

Eden and Adaleine ran in a one-mile kid’s run called the Pumpkin Run in October and loved it! Eden ran in the second grade heat and finished that mile in 10:30, then decided to run again in Adaleine’s kindergarten heat a little bit later and finished 40 seconds faster! Leave it to the oldest to show up her kid sister in her own heat! Anyway, Eden had so much fun in that race she wanted to run in the Governor’s Cup Run the next weekend and finished in 9:02. She was the second 7-year-old girl to finish, and the first one was only one second ahead of her! 

The girls before the Pumpkin Run

Miss Eden before the Governor's Cup Run
We played in the leaves...

Halloween went off without a hitch. Well, except for the bald patches all over my head from pulling my hair out while trying to make three costumes last-minute because I had about two crazy weeks leading up to it. Anywho…Halloween. We went for a Star Wars theme this year because our kids are young and impressionable and we were able to convince them that’s what they wanted to be. #Winning. Judah rocked the world as Han Solo, Adaleine was the cutest little Leia you’ve ever seen, and Eden was Padme. The coolest part? They all had their own {fake!} gun. We’re pretty serious about Halloween, y’all. 


Right after Halloween, we shared some pretty big news with the world…new baby due in May! We find out this next week whether it’ll be pink or blue because I obviously cannot wait until May to find out. Did you just meet me? I’ve gotta plan and decorate and stress over names! Oh, and before you ask: yes, this was on purpose. Yes, we know how this keeps happening. No, we’re not crazy. And yes, we know our lives are going to be turned upside-down. We can’t wait!

Adaleine Grace turned six! Six. Seriously. Let’s let that sink in for a second. Here she was yesterday:

And now she’s six. It ain’t right. 

We celebrated with a Princess and the Pea Pajamas & Pancakes Party {say that ten times fast} and it was a hit! Party time was a Saturday morning and all of her little friends came over in their pajamas, which was a special treat. I didn’t do a big dessert table or anything for this party like I’ve done in the past; I just set up a long table on cement blocks on the floor and had the girls eat their pancakes, fruit and sausage together to kick off the party. For party games, we played ‘Pin the Pea on the Mattress’ which really had no winner and was just fun. I also had kits for everyone so they could make their own princess on a pile of mattresses, but we ran out of time during the party so they took those home. Sissy had so much fun and so did her friends!

Thanksgiving. Eden and Adaleine both won the wishbone battle so we’ll probably be like the luckiest family in Lincoln for all of 2015. We visited family after Turkey Day and the girls wrangled chickens. Because that’s what you do on the farm. My grandpa, who is 98 years old, dressed up as Santa Claus! He didn’t fool any of the kids but they loved it! He pretty much rocks.


The girls had their Christmas concert at school in which they both--of course--sang beautifully and stole the show. {Biased mom alert!}

Ready to head out to the concert!

After the concert with their flowers from Mr. Bug
Then finally, Christmas. The munsters gave a little concert of Christmas songs at their Nana & Papa's on Christmas night, and I wasn't even the only one who thought they were cute! We had about two weeks off of school, so we spent a week on the road visiting family and the second week at home in our pajamas. Basically the perfect vacation.  

Santa usually stops by my in-laws' house if we're there on Christmas Eve ;)

Ready to open presents Christmas morning! Judah loves snuggling up to his girls.
So that’s our last couple months in a nutshell. I’m hoping to get back here a little more regularly in the future, so hopefully we’ll have more regular updates from now on! I hope everyone is having a fabulous and marvelous and beautimous new year so far!

Happy New Year from our family to yours!