Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Mouse House

You know how when you’re a kid and you think of a mouse, you automatically picture these cute little guys?

Or maybe even as an adult, when someone talks about a mouse this image pops into your head.

Kind of cute still, right? I mean they’re little and fuzzy and don’t look like they could hurt a fly.

You want to know what mice look like to me? What I see when one of those little creatures shows up?

BAM! “Hey, human. ‘Sup. I know you don’t really like having me around…but guess what? I don’t care one little bit. I’m going to go ahead and go poop on your kitchen towels now. Oh you don’t like that? How ‘bout your kitchen counter? Still no? Sweet. I’m gonna go crap in your sofa. Check ya later.”

At least that’s what our mice said. They may as well have left little notes that said, “Screw you” all over our house. Seriously. All over our house. Poop in every. single. room.

So long story short, we’re moving again. After our landlords dumped some money into the house to take care of our rodent problem, they decided to put the house on the market. We are pretty bummed out because we had hoped to live here for at least another year while we pay off debt and save up for a down payment for a house of our own. But, alas it is not to be.

The good news is that the house we’re moving to (another rental) will be pretty great for us I think. It’s five minutes from school as opposed to 20, it’s four bedrooms rather than three, and it’s back off the beaten path so no more busy street for us!

I’m excited and bummed all at the same time. We’ve put a lot of love into this house to make it home for a few years and we’ve loved living here—except for the mice. : ) But I know that we can make anywhere ‘home’ and that so much of it depends on my attitude, so I’m going to spend the next three weeks getting the munsters excited for the new place. They’re pretty good at rolling with the punches. Heck, since this will be the fourth time we’ve moved in two-and-a-half years, they’d better be!

I hope to get some good pictures of The Mouse House before we move; it’s really come a long way in the last year!

Just to restore your faith in Jaq and Gus. I’m sure they would never have behaved in this manner. After all, they wore pants.