Friday, September 11, 2015

Enough Beautiful, I'll Take Funny

Social media can be a wonderful thing. I enjoy seeing what different people have to say on Instagram and the little insights some of them offer into my day.

But at some point the ‘ideal and beautiful’ posts turn my stomach. Posts like “Find the good. Notice what catches the light and let the rest get blurry” make me want to scream. Sometimes I want to comment that those words are lovely and all, but the rest of us live in the real world where the muggy air is less about the promise of beautiful rain and more about the fact that my hair is going to frizz like crazy.

It’s like those old ladies who say to cherish every moment with your baby. I’m really sorry, y’all, but the only way us sucker moms have more than one kid is to forget about the screaming/crying/throwing up/biting of the first one. Those memories are skipping the ‘cherish and remember’ file and hopping right on back to the ‘shred then set on fire then bury in the middle of nowhere’ file.

All this to say—I’m taking some time off from the ‘grasping every bit of time’ stuff and indulging in the ‘name that movie quote’ stuff. That’s about all I have the energy for.


  1. Ha! This is fantastic. I need to get back to my movie quotes. It's crazy how quickly things can get hectic when you're working on new projects. Must find more funny quotes! :)

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