Sunday, March 10, 2013

Party Planning: Judah's Transportation Birthday

Alrighty, folks. Judah’s birthday is in less than two weeks and it’s party planning time! After much careful thought and consideration, I decided to go with a transportation theme for The Boy’s second birthday party. He loves “cas” (cars), “cucks” (trucks), and anything else with wheels. So I’m buzzing around and thinking of (aka – searching Pinterest) fun options for his party. Here are some of the ideas I’m thinking of stealing using. : )
For the invitations, there were a bunch that I found that I thought were so cute and clever, but since I was making them myself again on my sister's program, I decided to go with something fairly simple. This cute one off Etsy was my jumping-off point:
I tweaked it a little bit to make it easier for me to make and read, but it's essentially the same idea. The one on Etsy is super cute and is actually a really reasonable price ($1 per invite) so if you don't have a program to make one I'd take the plunge and order from them. I just had the program at my disposal so I decided to go for it myself. I'll show you my finished invitation in a couple of weeks hopefully.
Next on my list of things to think about is decor. I honestly have very few details ironed out in this area but I know I'm hoping to use traffic signs around the party like this and hopefully use trains or trucks in my food display like this.
For behind the food table I've downloaded this printable banner to hang from a plane like a sky-writer. I saw the idea here. Shameless copier. That's what I am.  
 I've got a few more ideas up my sleeve, but that gives you an idea of where I'm at. Honestly I am having the hardest time getting myself to work on this party, but I refuse to let Judah have a lame party. As the third-born, he's going to have enough issues as it is. : ) I'll be back with pictures and more fun stuff after the party. Wish me luck!



  1. Hi Brittany! I actually used the type of batting that is sold in a large sheet (not the kind that is loose in the bag). You can find both kinds at Hancock or Hobby Lobby. Then, I actually just hot glued it to the backing. It's super easy! Good luck with your party!

    1. Thank you so much! The party that you put together was so great and I'm hoping mine turns out half as well as yours! Hope you come back to see the finished product in a couple of weeks :)