Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Party On! Judah's Beatles Birthday Party: Decor and Activities

I’m basking in the afterglow of another birthday party! We had Judah’s Beatles birthday party yesterday and it was so much fun! I couldn’t wait to share pictures with you : )

I saw this Beatles party over on Hostess with the Mostess and had to go for it. The invitations she had put together by She Paperie were amazing, but at $2.75 per invite, they were way outside my price range. They are gorgeous though, so if you have the budget for it I would encourage you to take the plunge. I put ours together in PicMonkey and it probably took me about three hours. Once again, lack of sleep pays off! ; )

Upon their arrival, guests were greeted by some {kind of sad} streamers and a Beatles sign on the front door. It got better, though. It was just by the time I got to the front door it was time to go get Eden from school and I was completely out of steam.

I borrowed some old records from a friend of ours and hung them from the ceiling, along with streamers galore! I’m sure if you’ve seen any of my other parties, you’ve noticed a pattern with my décor staples. I just love streamers because they’re a low-cost item that makes such a difference! {Check the other streamer explosions here, here, and here .} Color, color everywhere and I just used rolls that I had left over from other parties. Mama likes free decorations, guys.

I changed up my washi tape wall with some Beatles lyrics printables and our menu for the day. I'll list the sources for all the printables at the end of the post. Again, some of them I created in PicMonkey since I didn't have it in my budget to purchase them, but all the credit goes to the original creators!

I printed off Beatles coloring pages (found here) for the kiddos to work on while we waited for everyone to arrive, and then we let the games begin! The kids got to play musical chairs (to Beatles music, of course) and everyone had so much fun. It's hilarious to watch one- and two-year-olds play musical chairs, by the way. : ) There were even calls to let the adults play their own musical chairs game but our space was too small/I didn’t have enough chairs/we didn’t have enough time.

I’ll tell you all about the food in a shorter post later this week, but after breaking for goodies it was time to open presents. This guy got so many toys! We now have about 700 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys, all the RescueBots, and some more toys I know nothing about. Someone help me : )

Once present time was over the kids went to the playroom to kill some time and the adults busted out The Beatles: Rock Band. We borrowed it from my brother-in-law and it was a huge hit! This was my way to let the grown-ups have fun, too. Kids’ birthday parties can be totally lame so Mr. Bug came up with the idea to have a sing-off. Winner got the Beatles poster you can see in the picture there. 

Here’s our winner (and the friend who loaned us the records). It was so much fun to have everyone rock out to the songs! 

When the little guests left, each one received a Beatles Fan Bag. I got the idea from this same party and this was one of my favorite things to put together. I had them all assembled and ready about two weeks before the party! They included Kaleidoscope Eyes, I Wanna Hold Your Hand Clappers, John Lemonheads, Beatles Juice (which Eden later told me didn't make sense) and Rock Star Sunglasses.

By the time our contest was over and all the kiddos had gone home I was exhausted : ) But I had so much fun with this party! I feel like I was more prepared for this party than I have been for any other, so it wasn’t stressful at all. I just got to enjoy everyone’s company and have a great time celebrating our little man. And this guy had a blast, which would have made any amount of stress worth it anyway. : ) 

 Sources for the printables are all in my Beatles Pinterest Board, but I'll list them here, too.


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