Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Sanchez Family Recap Because I'm a Slacker

Alrighty then. I’m a bad blogger/procrastinator/over-committer and I haven’t written for months. Which seriously makes me hurt inside. I’ve got stuff to say, people! I’ve got thoughts and feelings and random musings! But it felt wrong to sit down and write a ‘musings’ post when I haven’t written a ‘here’s what’s going on in our lives’ post in so long. So, without further ado…

Here’s what’s going on in our lives! A recap of the last couple of months. With pictures. You’re so so welcome.

Eden and Adaleine ran in a one-mile kid’s run called the Pumpkin Run in October and loved it! Eden ran in the second grade heat and finished that mile in 10:30, then decided to run again in Adaleine’s kindergarten heat a little bit later and finished 40 seconds faster! Leave it to the oldest to show up her kid sister in her own heat! Anyway, Eden had so much fun in that race she wanted to run in the Governor’s Cup Run the next weekend and finished in 9:02. She was the second 7-year-old girl to finish, and the first one was only one second ahead of her! 

The girls before the Pumpkin Run

Miss Eden before the Governor's Cup Run
We played in the leaves...

Halloween went off without a hitch. Well, except for the bald patches all over my head from pulling my hair out while trying to make three costumes last-minute because I had about two crazy weeks leading up to it. Anywho…Halloween. We went for a Star Wars theme this year because our kids are young and impressionable and we were able to convince them that’s what they wanted to be. #Winning. Judah rocked the world as Han Solo, Adaleine was the cutest little Leia you’ve ever seen, and Eden was Padme. The coolest part? They all had their own {fake!} gun. We’re pretty serious about Halloween, y’all. 


Right after Halloween, we shared some pretty big news with the world…new baby due in May! We find out this next week whether it’ll be pink or blue because I obviously cannot wait until May to find out. Did you just meet me? I’ve gotta plan and decorate and stress over names! Oh, and before you ask: yes, this was on purpose. Yes, we know how this keeps happening. No, we’re not crazy. And yes, we know our lives are going to be turned upside-down. We can’t wait!

Adaleine Grace turned six! Six. Seriously. Let’s let that sink in for a second. Here she was yesterday:

And now she’s six. It ain’t right. 

We celebrated with a Princess and the Pea Pajamas & Pancakes Party {say that ten times fast} and it was a hit! Party time was a Saturday morning and all of her little friends came over in their pajamas, which was a special treat. I didn’t do a big dessert table or anything for this party like I’ve done in the past; I just set up a long table on cement blocks on the floor and had the girls eat their pancakes, fruit and sausage together to kick off the party. For party games, we played ‘Pin the Pea on the Mattress’ which really had no winner and was just fun. I also had kits for everyone so they could make their own princess on a pile of mattresses, but we ran out of time during the party so they took those home. Sissy had so much fun and so did her friends!

Thanksgiving. Eden and Adaleine both won the wishbone battle so we’ll probably be like the luckiest family in Lincoln for all of 2015. We visited family after Turkey Day and the girls wrangled chickens. Because that’s what you do on the farm. My grandpa, who is 98 years old, dressed up as Santa Claus! He didn’t fool any of the kids but they loved it! He pretty much rocks.


The girls had their Christmas concert at school in which they both--of course--sang beautifully and stole the show. {Biased mom alert!}

Ready to head out to the concert!

After the concert with their flowers from Mr. Bug
Then finally, Christmas. The munsters gave a little concert of Christmas songs at their Nana & Papa's on Christmas night, and I wasn't even the only one who thought they were cute! We had about two weeks off of school, so we spent a week on the road visiting family and the second week at home in our pajamas. Basically the perfect vacation.  

Santa usually stops by my in-laws' house if we're there on Christmas Eve ;)

Ready to open presents Christmas morning! Judah loves snuggling up to his girls.
So that’s our last couple months in a nutshell. I’m hoping to get back here a little more regularly in the future, so hopefully we’ll have more regular updates from now on! I hope everyone is having a fabulous and marvelous and beautimous new year so far!

Happy New Year from our family to yours!

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