Monday, August 3, 2015

In My Head
I need to start some laundry.

Oh shoot. I keep forgetting to have the girls try on all their shoes to see what will fit for the school year. I wish our school didn’t have a ‘closed-toe shoes only’ policy. Flip flops are the shiz. How is it possible for their feet to have grown this much over the summer?! How is it possible that she still can’t tell her right from her left??

Ew. I desperately need to sweep my kitchen floor. And I've been meaning to mop in there for like--well, for a while. Maybe after lunch. Blarg. What the heck am I feeding these kids for lunch? I’ll figure that out in a minute.

Okay, shoes are all sorted into piles. Donate, trash, see if someone I know wants those. Now I need to vacuum out the shoe closet. Wait, I need to go to the bathroom. 

I *really* need to brush my teeth. Ugh and I’m almost out of hand soap. I should go to Target but I so don’t want to go anywhere today. Teeth are brushed. Should I change my shirt? How the heck does a 32-year-old woman still manage to get toothpaste all over herself? Whatever. It’s a pajama shirt. 

Oh crap, I still need to change the laundry over and fold the two (or three) baskets of laundry that are already clean. But first I need to clean up all the blankets on the floor in Buddy's room from having friends over last night. But Elsie's asleep so I can't really do that right now. 

Doesn't she look so cute on the monitor? Oh, I should make my bed. I really need to switch my nightstand for Landon's. He's not home half the time and mine is just too dang short. I should make covers for those pillows I got in February. Or was it March? How long have we had this bed? 

I love this bed. I can't think of a single night I haven't just conked out on it right away. Except when I was pregnant. Holy cow, that was a horrible pregnancy. I'm so glad I'm done with that. 

Okay bed's made, baby’s still asleep. {So cute!} I’ll toss these clothes down the chute and go start some laundry. Oh crap. I need to finish the shoe project. Should I use the big vacuum or the little sweeper? No one’s eating off the floor in there; the sweeper’s fine. How on earth is this battery already low? I don’t even use the dang thing. 

Okay. Shoe closet’s done. Gotta get those extra shoes where they need to be. Yeah, like I need one more thing sitting on this table waiting to go to someone. 

I really should have done the dishes last night before bed. Pizza sauce takes some soaking. I’ll just let these soak for a while. 

Is it seriously 12:15? Gotta feed these kids. Leftover pizza for the win. Or FTW. What’s the deal with all these acronyms? How hard is it to just talk? Should I give them a veggie? Oh screw it. Chips come from potatoes and I’m calling it good.

Oh my gosh I still haven’t started any laundry.

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  1. LLOL!!!!!! That's Literally Laughing Out Loud. And it IS hard to just speak those words:)
    You just perfectly described the book I am reading "That's my Girl" which explains how females use EVERY part of their brains. All the time. :)