Thursday, January 20, 2011

Living Each Day

Sometimes it’s hard to remember to simply enjoy each and every day. I’m the type of person that gets so focused on things that I need to do that I get overwhelmed and just shut down. It seems like I’ve got so much going on right now that I have to move at a frantic speed to keep up with things, when really I think that I could slow down a bit. I mean, if I spent less time spinning around wondering where to start and just got started, wouldn’t I make more progress?

I’m not entirely certain I’m making any sense (I’m pretty sure I only make sense about 70% of the time) but I’m trying hard to sort out my mind. I think God may have made my mind a special kind of weird so that it might never completely be sorted out! : )

Mr. Bug and I have decided to start getting our house ready to sell, hopefully in the spring. For anyone who’s ever tried or thought about trying or known someone who’s thought about trying to sell a house—it’s stressful! I, of course, want to talk about it all the time because I’m thinking about it all the time (one of the characteristics of my ‘special kind of weird’) but poor sweet hubby just can’t handle that. So I’m settling for trying to take baby steps to do what I can to get things ready.

My contributions have been small so far since I’m about 7 months pregnant—with a boy, by the way!—and Mr. Bug is having to do pretty much all of the things that need done around the house. There are some pretty big jobs, too! I’m excited though to get it all done and show it off. I think it’s funny that my house will look its’ best (hopefully) right before someone else takes it over! The house has a lot of potential, and I think I’m getting more and more confident in my personal taste and style so I’m having a lot of fun with it. : )

I leave you with a picture of my closet that I’m very proud of. I spent an entire morning cleaning out two plastic totes full of clothes and organizing what’s left in there. I was pretty happy with the finished product! I made a curtain to cover the closet a couple days later. I mean, just because the closet looks good doesn’t mean I want to see it all the time, right? : )

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