Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Know This Sounds Crazy...

Okay, I am not a lame person. At least, I really try not to be. That’s why I have my doubts about writing this post. But the truth is—I can’t stay silent any longer. If there is anyone out there struggling like I was, I’m here to help.

I’m talking about those of us who have been struggling in vain, making do with something that no one should have to settle for. You know who you are: my fellow crappy dishwasher sufferers!

For the past few months, my sad little family and I have been arguing over whether or not the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty. I mean, if they look just as dirty (if not dirtier) after you wash them, how can you tell? So while I was at my beloved Target the other day – cue chorus of angels – I decided to try something to end our dishwasher woes.

Enter Lemi Shine ‘The Hard Water Expert.’ It took me a while to decide on which miracle product I was going to pin all my hopes and dreams of clean dishes on, but in the end the mammoth task landed on the shoulders lid of this little bottle. It wasn’t too expensive – less than $4 – and there is a money back guarantee so I figured I couldn’t go wrong.

Here’s the little guy now : )

So I brought it home and showed it to a skeptical but hopeful Mr. Bug who I think said something like, “It’s worth a shot” or something else equally encouraging. Following the instructions on the bottle, which I always do (wink, wink) I emptied the ‘clean’ dishes out of the dishwasher and ran a cycle with just Lemi Shine to clean all the crud that was apparently making my dishwasher so sucky.

After the dishwasher cycle was through, I very carefully loaded the dishwasher with actual dirty dishes. I once again followed the bottle instructions to a tee to make sure that when this miracle product didn’t work it wouldn’t be my fault.


Look at that before and after! The dish on the right is beautiful! Just beautiful! It’s actually clean! Mr. Bug and I have been exclaiming over our clean dishes every time we take another one out of the cupboard.

Check out the spatula and ladle. They’re part of the same set believe it or not. I’m so happy. : )

So for all of you lousy dishwasher sufferers out there, there is hope. If you are wondering about other uses for Lemi Shine, whether or not it’s safe in your home, and other such things, check out their site. Or just go buy some and start using it. That works too. : )


  1. Okay...whoa! Your before dishes look just like mine do... Gonna have to get me some of this "miracle product"! Thanks :)

  2. A-MA-ZING!! Can't wait to see Amy's renewed dishes. Great find!!