Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let There Be Color!

I am aware that two posts in one day is borderline desperate/sad, but I had to share! I’m finally going for it and painting the front door an actual color! I have debated and debated (with myself and others) about what color to do here, but I decided ultimately to go with my gut. My 8-months-pregnant, don’t-you-dare-question-me gut. : )

That means red. The house itself is Messenger Bag from Sherwin Williams, a kind of olive green that goes really really well with the chocolate brown trim and gutters. It had to though ‘cause we weren’t going to pay for new gutters, so… Anywho, I have matching brown shutters waiting for Mr. Bug to put up and I’m going to head outside in a few to put up the new house numbers. Power drill, here I come!

I’m getting sidetracked. Okay, so from the very beginning I’ve loved red front doors. Not just the beginning of my search for a paint color. I mean from the beginning of TIME I’ve loved red front doors. If I walk up to a house with a red front door I automatically think “Cool! Someone with an actual personality must live here!” And while that may not always be true, I’d like to at least give the impression that someone interesting lives in my house. : )

So after debating between brown to match the trim and shutters – yawn – and cream to match the base of the house – double yawn – I decided that since I’m usually right anyway (do not ask Mr. Bug about this) I would just do what I wanted to do from the start!

So here’s the door before I did anything to it: it’s really quite sad. I am continuously lamenting having lived in this house the way it was for nearly four years when it really is very cute!

Here’s the door after I primed it with a tinted oil-based wood primer. Because they had a mistinted one at Sherwin Williams for $5.71. Booyah!

Partway through the process…

And here’s my lovely after one coat with the red paint! I have to give credit to my wonderful husband for picking out the color. He went into the kitchen, tore off part of his Dr. Pepper box and said, “Something like this?” So that little scrap went with me to Sherwin Williams for a color match! : )

So there you have it! Embrace the insanity and go with your gut, no matter how many uncertain looks you get. Hehe! : )

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