Monday, March 14, 2011

Grumpy Days

I’m grumpy sometimes. I know that should be pretty obvious, but I read a few different blogs that seem like the writer is hopped up on sugar and happy pills all the time. Let’s face it – that’s not real life. I have never met anyone who isn’t grumpy or at the very least moody at times.

I’m a generally optimistic person. I think I have mellowed out a bit since my uber hyper/happy days in middle school and high school, but I think I’m still a generally pleasant person. Today, however, I am really just grumpy.

Poor Mr. Bug came home for lunch today after having to make a quick trip to the dentist to get a new crown put on (OUCH) and he had to deal with a crabby wife. I’m not terribly proud of that, but it’s the truth. In my defense, I do my very best not to be grumpy very often ‘cause I know what a downer people like that are. But today I just had to call it a bust and opt for survival rather than overly productive.

To offer a few of my claims on grumpiness, here you are:

Heartburn. Whining little girls. The stress of trying to keep my house clean in case we get a showing. A headache. Being tired because of (stupid) Daylight Savings Time. Timing of the baby is up in the air so I’m not sure if Mr. Bug is going to be here when I go into labor. Finances (need I say more?). And the car’s in the shop.

So I’m just physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. I am, however, planning on a hard-core nap this afternoon after the girls go down, so hopefully the day will improve. Here are a few of my favorite grumpy day pictures of the girls. We’ve all had days like this, right? : )

This is Sissy throwing a fit and crying into the wall because I told her we couldn't go out and swim until after naptime. What a drag.

Pumpkin Carving. This little girl DID NOT like getting the pumpkin goo on her hands. It actually took us a while to get her to calm down. : )

Little Miss Adaleine likes to swim, but she doesn't particularly care for the sprinkler. Too cold maybe?

This is the reaction you get from a three-year-old when you tell her she can't play with her tea set. In case you were wondering.

It's hard to backtalk your mommy and have to sit down on the stool to cool off. It really is.

Those burlap bags at the Pumpkin Patch make you go down the slide waaaaayyyy tooooo faaaaasssst!

Here's hoping you have a great day! If you're having a grumpy day that's okay too. There's always tomorrow : )

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  1. oooo. kids really know how to put their whole being into crying. sometimes it's good to get a good cry out. great post. i can relate some days just really stink!