Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Moving Right Along: My Moving History

Throughout the course of my 30 years, I have moved a total of 17 times. Let me just give that a moment to sink in. Doesn’t that just seem so dumb? And the funny part is that my parents didn’t even have jobs where they moved around a lot. Apparently it was just a weird, masochistic, expensive hobby of theirs. (I’m mostly kidding) : )

When I met my husband, I was shocked to learn that his parents had lived in the same house since he was a baby. They could point to a spot and say, “That’s where Landon took his first steps” and “That’s where Landon busted his knee open.” It blew my mind.

Although there is a part of me that is jealous of that solid in his life, I have really loved living in so many different places. There are so many memories and experiences that I link to each stage/house that I can’t imagine having lived for twenty-some years in one place.
Here it is, your own personal walk down {my} memory lane. I couldn’t find pictures from everywhere, but here are a few of my favorites. Dig the haircuts, the bad photography, and the wallpaper borders. You’re so welcome. : )
This was the first house I lived in. It was on Reddingdale Drive in New Castle, Indiana.
Not a house-related picture (although I think it was in the house pictured above). I just wanted photographic evidence on file that my sister has always been super gentle and loving with me. ; ) Check out those 'boss' Cabbage Patch dolls!
This is (obviously) not a place I lived. I just wanted to include it to show how awesome my Grandpa is : )
I'm pretty sure this picture was taken in the backyard of our next house, also in New Castle. Tiffany and I rocked that jungle gym.
Why yes, Tiffany and I did have boy haircuts for a portion of our childhood! We also enjoy horseback riding, long walks on the beach and hanging out with on of our favorite uncles. Holla at my Uncle Jim! This was taken at my grandparents' house where we lived for a time.
Next house: a gorgeous old fixer-upper built in 1901(?). It was super cool; it had a front staircase AND a servant staircase going up from the kitchen. That's my super athletic older sister on the porch. She was instrumental in the roofing process. I was probably upstairs hiding under my Little Mermaid pillow in my closet reading a Nancy Drew book. I've always been quite brilliant.
Here are both of my sisters (Tiffany, left and Breanne, right) in Tiffany's room at our next house. This was actually a pretty cool setup because all that separated Tiffany's room from mine were a couple of free-standing wardrobes. We could tell each other goodnight without shouting and we could eavesdrop on each other on the phone. What?! I never did that! *awkward silence*
My girls on the front porch of our house in Kearney. We love Husker days!
Our little family when I was just a few months along with little Judah. This may have been our Christmas card photo that year. Nebraska fans are hardcore, I tell ya.
Those aren't all the places I've called home in my lifetime, and there will be more yet to come. But just looking back is so much fun! Hope you have a great day and you enjoy wherever you are on your list of moves : )




  1. It cracked me up how I could be looking at pictures of Amy and I! And I totally remember that 1901 house, so pretty! On a side note, the picture of you two on the horse looks exactly like Bennett & Maxwell to me!

    1. Oh my gosh, Angie it totally does! That's slightly creepy :)