Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Moving Right Along: Where the Heck Do I Start?

When we made the final decision in July to move to a new place that September, my initial feeling was excitement. A new place! New neighborhood! New decorating opportunities! This feeling lasted about 4.3 seconds until I realized something very important. I was going to have to pack up our whole house. Again.

I freaking hate packing. And that passion is not limited to packing an entire family of five to move to a new place. I hate even packing to go somewhere for the weekend. How many outfits do I need? Do I have enough Q-Tips to last the whole trip? How many pairs of undies? (Over-sharing alert: I always pack way too many underwear. But who wants to have that be the thing you run out of??)

But sorting, organizing and packing up a whole house is seventh circle of hell stuff. And if you read this post, you know that I just finished this whole process a year ago. And the year before that. And the month before that. Seriously, guys it’s ridiculous.

So instead of jumping in and doing a little at a time and being proactive, I went with the old Brittany standby and tried to plan out the perfect way to move. The only problem? I couldn’t find anyone who could tell me exactly the best way to go about getting started.  There were a few lists and suggestions, but I needed someone to really spell it out for me. Or just come and do it.

Here are a few sites/lists/whatevers that I found. They might be helpful to you, so go check them out!

Since neither one of those things happened, I ended up putting off the packing until the last possible second. Literally. I was that annoying person who was still packing on the day of the move. I just had random stuff sitting around and my wonderful friends were nice enough to talk me down off the ledge, pack up all of my crap and move it to a new place. You can’t buy friends like that.

All this to say, I needed a step-by-step list of the best way to pack up your house to move. I couldn’t find one, so I’m going to give it a whirl for anyone else out there that is dragging their feet and anxious about where to start. It may not work for you, but hey…I’ll give it a shot! Come back!


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