Saturday, February 7, 2015


We’ve had kind of an interesting couple of weeks around the Bug household. I hesitate to say ‘difficult’ because it comes nowhere close to what some people deal with, but for me—yeah, it’s been rough.

Oh, no! The poor thing is sick! (This was the first day so I still had some sympathy)

We’ve been fighting off one bug or another between all three kids for almost two weeks now, and let me tell you I’ve had it. I’m exhausted and I’m worn out (which are totally different) and I’m at the point where the sound of my children’s laughter is grating on my nerves. I want them to and leave me alone or so help me I’m going to lose my mind.

Oh, shoot. Now this one, too! Oh well, let's play some games and make the most of it. (Again, I still had a bit of sympathy left at this point)

Yay! This one's feeling better! Let's braid her hair and throw a party because she can go back to school tomorrow!!

 I guess making silly faces can be fun. Let's do that. Whatever.

You know what you get when you combine sick kids home from school + snow days + 26 weeks pregnant + husband being gone 70% of the time + sick momma + general life conundrums? I’ll tell you what you get. You get a mom who is counting the seconds until her kids go to sleep and won’t even let them brush their teeth before heading to bed because oh my gosh just go right now.

Not my proudest mom-ing, but I think it would be safe to say that I’m not the only mom who has felt like this. 

For the love. Everyone feels fine and we get six freaking inches of snow so there's no school. Plus now I feel like crap. Dang kids and their dang nasty germs. TV all day!

Let me be clear: my kids really are great. Well, my seven-year-old is experimenting with the attitude of a teenager from time to time so she sort of sucks sometimes but other than that? Great. But there are three of them and one of me and I’m growing another one! And between Judah’s constant requests for food, Adaleine’s sore throat/fever/cough (God bless this poor girl!), and Eden’s occasional insights into how ridiculous and/or dumb everything is I am just…done.

Son of a...her fever's back. Yeah, she's cute laying there feeling the baby move. But wouldn't she be cuter if she were AT SCHOOL????!!!!

The final straw.You couldn't just hold out, kid?! Just HAD to get sick, didn't ya? Oh, I see you've sneezed snot all over your shirt again. Let me take care of that for you.

So this is me declaring that until the girls go back to school on Monday, I officially don’t care. Wanna watch TV? You bet! Wanna watch another movie? Go for it. You want fast food for dinner? Let’s get on that. You don’t want to brush your teeth? They’re your baby teeth anyway so who really cares!
If you see me or my kids on Monday and we look a little worse for wear, just look away and walk on by. Unless you happen to have chocolate. Then you’d better just hand it over. Momma needs it.