Monday, April 9, 2012

My Tough Princess

Yesterday was such a beautiful spring day, so the kiddos and I decided to spend a little bit of our Easter afternoon outside. The apartment that we live in has a really nice playground in the middle of the complex along with sand volleyball and basketball courts. So while Judah and I sat on the bench by the playground equipment, Eden and Adaleine played in the sand a little ways away.

Judah and I sitting on the bench watching the girls play
I was enjoying sitting with Judah and just watching the girls playing for a little bit when I saw Eden running over to me with something cupped in her hands. I immediately had flashes in my head of all the horrible things she might have found. Broken glass, rusty nails, used syringes, human fingers. Yes, I am overly paranoid. And it’s very possible that I’ve watched too many episodes of “The Closer.”

So here comes Miss Eden hollering that she has found something that’s part of nature. As she opened up her hands, I was expecting a dandelion (which they’ve been bringing me quite often lately) and what do I see??

A WORM! A wiggly little dirty worm!

My little ruffles and ribbons girl had a little worm in her hand. The little girl who has to go in and wash her hands every 15 minutes and loves wearing pretty dresses and sparkly princess outfits.

So I guess my little Eden isn’t quite as ‘precious’ as I thought she was. I guess she might be a little bit tougher.

I like to think that I’m fairly tough…maybe she got it from me? : ) I can only hope she hunts down any admirable qualities I might have and pours a little Miracle-Gro on them. She’s got a big future ahead. Many worms worlds to conquer : )

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