Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Operation Get My Poop in a Group

You know that scene in What About Bob? where Bob is getting ready to leave his apartment? It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen that movie so I could be remembering it totally wrong, but I just picture him saying, “Baby steps to the door. Baby steps to the elevator. Baby steps to the…” You get the idea.

That’s the general idea with “Operation Get My Poop in a Group.” Where it all started is this: my house is a wreck. We moved in at the beginning of June and I had such high hopes for the organizational possibilities of this house. There are three bedrooms! A kitchen with an attached dining area! Laundry room instead of closet! Two bathrooms! Great big living room! And do you know what all of that means?!

It means zilch if I don’t just—here it is—get my poop in a group! Sorry, Mom. I know you probably think that’s inappropriate, but I toned in down from what I say in my head. : )

Here are some of the things I want to conquer: all of my kitchen cupboards (one at a time so I don’t go completely bonkers), bathroom cabinet, kids’ closet shelves, kids’ closet hanging storage, downstairs bedroom/office/dumping ground, laundry area…Hmm. Maybe I should just say I want to organize my house.

The problem is though, that I can organize it all I want but if I don’t KEEP my poop in a group so to speak, it will all be a mess again in a week. Okay, a day. So what I really want to do is find some systems that really make sense for me and my family and the way we live. Can you tell I stalk the IHeartOrganizing blog? I am unapologetically obsessed.

I decided to start off small with the cabinet where I keep my food storage containers. I also keep paper towels and extra spices up there, so I had to make sure it all worked to shove neatly arrange it all back in there. First I took it all out.

I have a bit of a mish-mash of storage containers here, but the ones on the right are AWESOME for Miss Eden's lunches
Then I went through each container and lid and matched them all together. Anything that didn’t have a match got tossed. Adios, losers!

Oh, and I also made a mental note to ask someone to buy me some glass storage containers for Christmas. Anyone?

It’s not rocket science; it took me less than ten minutes and that includes interruptions for kiddos crying and giving Eden iced animal crackers to go feed the ants. I just put on a little Allen Stone and I was in the zone.

My pared down collection

My newly organized cupboard!
See? If I can try to get my crazy house organized you can, too. One step at a time. Baby steps to the kitchen, baby steps to the cupboard, baby steps to empty out the cupboard…Good luck! : )


  1. Yay for Allen Stone!!! Come and get MY poop in a group when you're done at your house:)

  2. There are almost always storage containers at black friday sales!

    1. I never thought of that! Maybe I'll put off some of my bigger projects until after Thanksgiving : )