Saturday, March 1, 2014


Popping in with what may become a repeat post. My kids are strange. Your kids (if you have any) are also strange. Let’s go with that.

 Eden starts out the school week pretty well usually as far as getting up on time. I’ll wake them up at about 7:00 so we can all be out the door by 8:10(ish). When we get to Thursday morning though it’s like pulling teeth to get her out of bed by 7:30, and Friday morning is just a crazy mess of tears and cereal bars. Here’s the kicker: every.single.Saturday.morning, this freaking kid is up by 6:45 at the latest. What gives??

Judah really likes to ‘clink’ his cup with his dining companions from time to time. The procedure goes like this.
Judah: Mommy, will you cwink wif me?
Me: Sure, Buddy. Let’s clink.
*cups clink together*
Judah & Me: And then we drink!
Judah: No, Mommy! I say that!
Me: Oh! Sorry, Bud. You can say it.
Judah: And den we dwink! *Big Smile*

Adaleine loves Francine the KitchenAid. I will often walk into the kitchen to find her making faces at herself in the reflection off the mixing bowl. She always giggles and goes off and does something else, but I will usually find her right back in the same place within an hour or so. I’ll take cheap entertainment for $200 please, Alex.

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