Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Teaching Our Little 'Man'

My husband is kind of okay : ) I’m very grateful for the husband and daddy that he is, and I’m so glad that Judah Bear has such a good guy to show him what it means to really be a man.

One of the things that makes my teeny tiny heart melt is the way Mr. Bug is teaching our son how to treat women. He’s teaching him to hold the door for his big sisters and his mama, so every time he props the screen door open with his little rear he says, “Here you go, yadies.” He’s showing him how to be a gentleman and help his sisters on with their coats when we’re out. And then my sweet husband holds mine for me. Almost every time we go somewhere as a family, Landon will pull up to the curb to drop off the girls and I, and remind Judah that it’s good manners to drop ladies off before you go find a parking spot. 

We’re not teaching Judah—or the girls, for that matter—that women are helpless or that we need a man to do everything for us. Since Landon is gone so much for work my kiddos know that I’m perfectly capable of doing things for our little family. We’re just hoping to teach them what it means to respect and honor, even when we don’t feel like it or it seems inconvenient.

I feel incredibly blessed. I’m hoping that Judah will watch his daddy through the years and learn from him. Sure, there are things that my hubby needs to work on. He’s human. But he’s bound and determined to teach his son what it means to be a real man. And I love him for it.