Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Easy Handmade Gift: Fabric-Covered Magnets

I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I made almost all of my Christmas presents this year. Totally not tooting my own horn because they were super simple and anyone could do it, but I kind of wanted to share one of my projects in case anyone out there has a gift to give soon. (And limited funds to spend) : )

For my sisters and my dad’s wife, I did an all-out copy of this idea I saw on Pinterest. I followed her tutorial exactly so if you want to make these, head on over to Kitty’s blog A Law Student’s Journey and follow her steps.

I got all of the supplies at that Great Crafting Mecca: Hobby Lobby. The buttons were only $1.99 for a package of five. If I had been more patient I probably could have waited until they went on sale, but I wanted to get all of my supplies at once and didn't feel like making multiple trips. The little magnets were $7.99 for a package of 50 and I used one of HL’s 40% off coupons for those, making them about $4.80.

The fabric, glue and glue gun I already had so I spent less than $2 on each set of six that I gave. (Yes, I am that cheap. Yes, we are trying to spend less. Check out my post about that here.) I tried to tailor the fabric choices in each set to the tastes of each lady I was giving them to in order to make them a bit more personal. Because I’m lazy, I didn’t take pictures of all the different sets I made. But since I’m selfish in addition to being lazy, I also made myself a set! So here are a couple pictures of the set I made for myself.

I have a few other projects that I made for Christmas this year that I hope to report on, so hopefully you won’t mind a few crafty posts coming up before too long. Happy crafting and I hope you’re enjoying this new year!

Update: I'm linking this project up to the Homemade Ginger linky party! Check it out here!

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