Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Kids Throw Up In Public Restrooms

A couple of years ago Eden went and spent the weekend with Uncle Bug and he took her to the Omaha zoo. She was gone for roughly 48 hours and I had no influence over her diet for the weekend whatsoever. Uncle Bug said he tried to eat healthier than usual, and I know she had her uncle wrapped around her finger so she got lots of treats. Which is fine! We knew that would probably happen!

He brought her back to Kearney on Sunday afternoon and met us at Pane Bello (like Panera but not as amazing). We were all sitting there talking and Eden was silent. I looked at her and saw someone as close to green as I’ve ever seen. At her first whine of ‘throw up’ we rushed into the bathroom.

It was a Sunday lunch. The restaurant was full. Chances of an open stall? Nada. I stood there with her for a second not knowing what to do while a mom who recognized our plight urged her daughter to hurry up and get out of the stall. It didn’t help.

Eden started to throw up before I could get her to the sink. All over the floor. Bathroom full of people. It was epic. Oh, and did I mention that she had drank a Bug Juice on the way home. A blue one. (Shudder)

Fast forward to yesterday. Eden and Adaleine and I all had dentist appointments. Adaleine had mentioned a couple times that morning that she didn’t feel well, but I chalked it up to boredom or something like that and let it go. She made it through the morning and our dentist appointments and we were all happily on our way to Arby’s for a quick lunch before taking Eden back to school.

After ordering our lunches, I looked down at Adaleine to find her with tears streaming down her face and her lips clamped shut. Someone in my head shouted an expletive (I take no responsibility!) and we rushed to the bathroom.

She almost made it. She was so close! So terribly close…but not close enough. She threw up all over the floor of the stall. Then on the toilet seat. Then in the toilet. It was—again—epic. Poor thing.

Adaleine’s feeling fine now and everything. I just thought I’d share with you how awesome it is to see the teenage kid coming around the corner with a mop and bucket to clean up your child’s vomit. I know they hate me a little bit, no matter how much I apologize. Sorry, teenage vomit-cleaner! I wish I could promise it won’t happen again, but somehow I don’t think I can make those guarantees.


  1. Oh nooo! But my feeling on kids throwing up is, better a public restroom than my house, ya know? haha. :)

    1. I totally agree with you Kelly! I would always prefer that someone else does the cleaning : )